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STORAGE IDEAS  for do it yourselfers

find a 3 ring zippered binder  (back-to-school sales)

fill it with regular heavy duty sheet protectors for your circulars. 
you can label each pocket easily with a magic marker with needle
size (US
AND mm's).  this binder contains only 24" lengths from
US 2 to 17 and is a perfect travelling companion.
I have been told that there are zippered 3-hole  punched pockets
available at fishing tackle stores.
NEEDLES available at depth of field yarn
Basix birch straights, dp's, fixed circsulas!

Knitter's Pride Interchangeabe sets:
        Trendz circular starter kits
        Karbonz sock knitting DPN set
Knitter's Pride
   Karbonz 6" DP #0-1.5
   Karbonz 24" circulars #0 - #6
   Nova Cubics (square) DP #0-1.5  in 5" and 6"
   other Karbonz and Nova Cubics available by order
KNITTER's PRIDE NOVA metal single points 14" & 10"
KNITTER's PRIDE NOVA nickle plated brass 24" & 32"  #17 & #19 circulars
      additional sizes available by order
KNITTERS's PRIDE BAMBOO circulars #3 - #10
& 14" single points, 8" dp's and circulars #11 - #19
KNITTER'S PRIDE NATURALZ DPN's limited sizes, 5"  6"  8"

Addi TURBO circulars 16"- 24"-32"-40"  small 10" EASY KNITS
Addi TURBO LACE 24" & 40" lengths

BRITTANY single points 10" and 14", double points 5-3/4" and 7.5"

CUBICS ROSEWOOD square doublepoints   6"  #0-#3,  8"  #5-#8
   other DP sizes available by order
CUBICS ROSEWOOD square circulars available by order

HIYA-HIYA Stainless Steel circulars 9"-16"-24"-32"-40"-47"
HIYA-HIYA Stainless Steel DP's 6",  8"
HIYA-HIYA Bamboo circulars 16"-24"-32"-40"
HIYA-HIYA Bamboo DP's  6",  8"

PONY kid's shortie single points #6-#10
accessories include an array of the usual suspects - stitch markers,
stitch holders, point protectors, tape measures, tap needles, scissors,
needle gauges, cable needles, row counters, felting needles, pom pom
makers, magnet boards, TOOL CADDIES and more ..............