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2018 classes are on haitus 
     in may for gardening
     in june for celebration of why we live here!
     classes will be announced as teachers check in
        knitting will continue at the shop, with
           good company and help given if needed

try something new ...  maybe make something for
yourself ... and it's always best to start at the beginning

Please register  in person  or by phone  at least
         1 week prior to class start date.
You must pay for class in order to register
          (walk in cash or check, checks in the mail,
            credit card over the phone - no internet transactions).

  dates to be announced        with Louise

10:30am-12:30  3 saturdays over 5 weeks   
Take your time and make a pair of toe-up socks that fit,
   knitting both socks at the same time no guesswork,
   no row counting to make socks match
   and have a pair when you bind offf.
Worsted weight suggested
(faster) but any weight is ok -
  there is time between saturdays to do homework
   Also a wool blend with 10-30%  nylon is easier to
   manage than carrying a reinforcement thread.
You need 2 circular needles same diameter in appropriate
   size for the yarn you choose.  24" has been the most
   popular length

APPROPRIATE SIZE needle = tightly knitted fabric

  e.g. needles and yarn: 
FINGERING ~#0-2,  100gm
SPORT ~#1-3,  100-125gm
DK ~#2-4,  125-150gm 
WORSTED ~#4-5-6 ,  150gm-175gm

It is most important to have SMOOTH cable
connections and STRAIGHT not-curly cables.
**amounts of yarn indicated in stockinette with
  ribbed cuff  and do not include extra large sizes
  (add 25-50gms for the big socks)

This is one of the most useful classes you'll
  ever take!


s 1-4pm         
knit, laugh, learn, discuss pattern language,
    pick up dropped stitches, ideas, information
    and maybe a few new friends.
     work on your project, or find something new. 
     hang out with knitters!  ... 

        reading a tough pattern?  we can help

  THURSDAY KNITs   with Lisa  6pm-7:45
      fall class dates to be announced

       Beginners start by making a cowl on a 16"/#11 circuar needle
             (3 skills and comfort zone training), move on to a hat to
           learn shaping and purls, then plan or begin a new project
           combining your new skills.
       Continuing (intermediate and experienced) kni
tters may choose
            their own or a group project and receive guidance, support
              and new ideas!






       note:  K1 is suspended for now




   If a class is  cancelled, you may transfer to another
class, receive a store credit or refund. 
Student cancellations must be made 1 WEEK prior to
start date, or refund will not be given