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Aire Valley worsted sock yarns
              ARAN               and            FUSION
same gauge ~appx 5sts/US#7 same yardage -219/100gm, same content: 75%wool 25%nylon
    suggested needle for socks:  US 5 or 4
    Aran is smooth and plyed, Fusion is a z-twist single with a bit of a halo
   (labels indicate only the Aran is machine washable) more colors coming as available!

Adrienne Larson's Swirly Hat for Skacel Collection is the basis for this interesting pattern
to see and to knit.  Written for 150gm super bulky, we have 2 samples in the super cozy
gauge on a US13.  You can see the super bulky free pattern (we have 4 yarns that fit)
 Pictured sample is Homestead Tweed, having converted
the pattern to a 194yd/100gm wool on a US9.  This hat took about 80 grams (approximately
155 yards, depending on the humidity, direction of the wind and who's knitting etc). 
We also have
one-skein sample in Berroco's new ULTRA WOOL in the store.

It's basically a slipped stitch pattern, so like brioche it has a thicker, bouncier hand. 

Vintage Chunky 3-hank kid size 4 free pattern NANTASKET gansey 

 find this pattern at         
An easy drop shoulder construction for sizes 2/4/6/8/10/12!
You may have noticed that we (I) changed the gansey pattern (graph paper and a little time required), and
will continue to do so (and change colors) on subsequent Nantaskets for each of the elegible children.
We used 3 heathery colors in our sample to show how beautifully they look knitted.  Drop in to see,
feel, and choose from the over 2 dozen colors on hand.

There's a very lucky grandson out there
with this hat and sweater.  Everyday worsted wool makes magic in the
right hands and the patience to knit so beautifully.


Danielle Shawl by Jen Lucas
1 hank of 'Transitions' 100% plyed merino superwash fingering
by Done Roving in Pumpkin Botanicals colorway.

Transitions is 4 colors of Frolicking Feet tied together (2semi-solids and 2
spaced-dyed) which equal 1 483yard hank.  Together with the breezy stitch
pattern on a larger needle (US 5), the colors complement each other in stunning
Available in 5 colorways.

1 hank Mushishi wool & silk in a
great introductory pattern with
knitted-in (not picked up) points edging
a quick knit for garter body and 12
row repeat edging         

THE OTHER-seasonal knitting is going on ...
and yep, that funny strip near the left edge is a
steek.  In the weeks ahead we'll picture the steek
procedure and try to disarm the fear factor
for you because circular fairisle is way more fun
than back and forth ... we took a vote.   
Country Roving (3 cakes main color, 2 cakes contrasting)
Used a basic neck down pullover pattern at 2 stitches/inch on #15, added some
simple fairisle work and a perfectly generous shawl collar to make this 36 ounce 48"
blankety warm sweater. 

To make shawl collar instead of crew neck, follow pattern recommendations for the
number of stitches for sleeves and back  BUT only cast on 2sts @beg and 2sts@end
for the right and left fronts, placing markers as usual:
   Cast on 2sts (right front), PM, right sleeve sts, PM, back sts, PM,
     left sleeve sts, PM, 2sts (left front).  
Do not join and P 1st row
Continue in stockinette working back and forth -
Increase before and after each marker
EVERY OTHER ROW until you reach the desired                                         
neck depth for collar opening.  At the end of a right side row, cast on the number                                        
of stitches required to make the back and front sections equal and join into the round.                                

Later ... with RS facing @right front corner, pick up RF, BACK and LF stitches around neck.                              
DO NOT PICK UP STITCHES ACROSS HORIZONTAL SECTION.  Work in 1x1 rib until length equals
distance across horizontal opening.  Ends of collar will overlap and be sewn down across opening.
Coffee Beenz from the Encore family of
yarns is machine washable and  dryable acrylic & wool.  Great for dapper kidwear too ... 2 balls made this 3-month pullover with a huge opening for those new noggins which is hidden by the cozy shawl collar.

4 to 5 stitches per inch on a 7-or-8-or-9, and as always, YOU choose the yarn.  
(Plymouth pattern #1877)
check out ravelry for the free
one-piece debbie bliss baby
ribbed cardigan or shrug @4.5sts

start at the back, cast on/and off for
sleeves, work over the shoulders
down the fronts, and pick up for bands
(we short row'd the sleeves on our models
to make a smoother underarm seam)
O - and used one skein of  5 stitch/inch
Cotton Fleece for the 6 month size shrug
and got a 3 month size - worked perfectly!
  fan stitch in organic cottons mmmmm  baby blanket
My First Regia 25gm balls baby soft washable merino, just enough for a pair of booties

Done Roving
Frolicking Feet
113 gm/4oz
superwash merino
fingering, OR dk
great twist!


(not necessarily these 2!)  In natural sheep's brown,
light brown, dark grey, ecru and black.
5 strand pencil roving at 2.5sts on a US 11 - it's  breeze

Worsted weight cowl doubles as a graceful and attractive accent indoors, warm and protective outdoors.
200gms of  (label says:  5sts/#7) wool on a 24" circular #8 @4.5sts/inch.  Both ends are hemmed, with no sewing.
Easy YO-K2tog stitch pattern alternates with stockinette to give a drapey ruffling rib.  Imagine the possibilities!
Click photo for pattern.               
use any 5 stitch solid or heather or try one of the self striping colors of GINA

Clown shoes?  Very happy colors.  Knitted at 16" -->
the pair was felted to a women's size 8!  Choose
your color/s and make Fiber Trends' felted slippers
for yourself, friends or family.  
Normal colors allowed.
Warm, soft cushiony double sole
, the perfect "welcome home".  Sizes from way-too-cute-small to men's xL. You need US#13 16" & 24" circular needles and 100 to 375gms worsted weight 100% wool.


Desert Flower is wonderful to wear.  Same yarn as the baby hat below.
Hat is knit at 6ts per inch, sweater is knit at 5.5sts.  100% cotton soft,
drapey and airy.  Knew what shape to make, but couldn't decide on
a stitch pattern, so put in bunches of them, seed, 2x4 rib, diagonal,
garter, garter ridge and center twists.  Back is garter ridge all the way
from the seed border.  Knit in some fabric strips for more fun. 
It was a great adventure and only used 5 50gm skeins for a 40"
finished bust and 20" length - and for under $24.

see our THREE Baby Surprise models!
3 different yarn weights, 3 different sizes,
same pattern and number of stitches -
- fascinating   ...   and conveniet!

upper left:   sport weight 150gm, chest = ~17.5",
(pictured in a discontinued color)  "STEP" 150 gm sport
2 kid colors in stock, solid sports also on hand!

upper right:   worsted weight, chest = ~18",
made (in another discontinued worsted) 3 balls,
(appx 100yds each) striping 100% wool.
other yarn possibilities - Mochi Plus, Liberty
Wool, or any solid worsted (make stripes or not!)

lower:   heavy(-ier) worsted, chest = ~20",
made in Fantasy Naturale (3 hanks) all cotton.
other yarn possibilities Raggi Print or solid,
Lanaloft, Lanaloft Handpaint, Lamb's Pride
Worsted (try the variegateds), and Peruvia (solid).

as always, size depends on how YOU knit and with what!

super cozy and colorful 100% cotton 14" baby hat.
        (this is a little guy ...  make larger sizes with more  stitches or bigger yarn,
you know the drill)

use 2 skeins of Desert Flower and #5 doublepoints.
                              make one of these ---------->
<-----------  get one of these
- a doublemossa!
make a provisional cast on, make one hat, remove
the waste yarn and make the other hat.  fold one
inside the other, turn up brim.   CLICK on PICTURE
<----  for FREE PATTERN
provisional (Invisible) crochet
chain cast on
demo at store, or 'google' for youtube videos.
Adult doublemossa, a marl on one side, stripes on the
other.  Imagine the possibilities.  This one's in a 5 stitch
wool.  Use your own favorite hat pattern with some
special considerations.  Click here on THE PLAN for
general instructions with fingering through worsted
weights.  Remember though, that you have to get the gauge
(stitches per inch) for the yarn you use in order to get the
measurements listed.
Can't decide which is your favorite Galway heather?
Of the 30 heathers I could only squeeze 7 into this boatneck colorcard square set-in sweater.
8 skeins in all for 40" finished.

Shop around our Galway shelves, there are many colors available at pre-increase price ... because we knew it was coming.


one skein wonder .....
"Moa" mohair loop cowl
large lustrous loops
   looks like persian lamb to me!

Live in it!   Bulky Lopi.
At 2.5ts/in with a US#13, with its casual drop shoulder design, it's quick, really warm and totally uncomplicated - a breeze to make.  Sized 43/48/52".  
9, 10 or 11 hanks (or 1 fewer each size depending on your length from hem to stitch pattern).

You can also make it in double stranded Lopi or Mauch at about the same gauge. 
Add color or even a different stitch pattern

double stranded Mauch with color added to stitch pattern

double stranded regular Lopi with different stitch pattern

Maroon and Gold are all around depth of field yarn
Knitted in Galway Chunky, 1 skein #12 maroon on 9's or 10's @3.5sts, (and smaller needle for the 3 row purl brim)
The kids insisted on a giant pom-pom, so 1/4 skein of #60 gold
is required for the stripes and pom-pom.
Pattern is free,  one size adult ~22".

Lanaloft Bulky
Interweave Fall '11
"Pembroke Wrap"
43x21 ... perfect
midsize wrap and
perfect weight yarn
for it!

Happy Feet ruffle-edged kerchief.  2 hanks merino superwash/nylon, garter stitch neck down.
Make-one's instead of YO increases (no holes) and an easy ruffle that even makes this boy-colorway (grey/black) look feminine!


Kudzu Shawlette free pattern from (written for sport/dk), we did it in Nature Spun Chunky!
See!  Feel!
  This is one great yarn. Label says 3.25sts/4.5 rows per inch, on #10.5, 155 yards (7 oz).
Alterations to original pattern:  With 7mm (#10.75) cast on 108 stitches.  8 (not 4) rows rib,  2 (not 5 reps) Open Twist Rib (plus rows 1 &1 2
again as in pattern)
, and balance of directions as written.  Well written pattern, easy to follow.  Used 2 1/2 hanks NSCh, one 1-1/4" bone button .
this "old fashioned 4 row fanstitch"
is a knockout in colors chosen by Pat in Lamb's Pride, Precious, Peruvia, plus  some double stranded 
lace+chunkys. We have a free "map"
for a 7 color appx 1000 yard fan
stitch throw knitted on #13, so you
can choose your own color scheme. Pat went a little wild coordinating
10 colors.  Well worth it!  YEA! 
Wool Peddler shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls in
4 skeins of Galway worsted heather, very nicely done by
Michael K (who is now off to his next lace project).
This shawl is triangular, worked from the top down in garter stitch
with lace pattern and garter border.  Gauge is 4sts per inch and shawl
has a wonderful hand.  Perfect weight for fall evenings and winter
(sorry to mention it) indoor wear.  A beautiful gift idea.  The pattern
will keep you interested and in 800 yarns it won't take forever to make.
we have to get some little people to model
this stuff!   Quick, easy, appropriate & fun gifts.
Baby beret in DK Merino Superwash (maroon)and
Baby beret in Angora (the halo of red bunny
  makes it difficult to see the details in the photo).
Both free patterns with yarn (1ball each)
DK jumper from Pure and Simple pattern.
  A-dorable.  Top-down, make to right length,
  lengthen if they're just growin' up, alter the hem
  trim - e.g. Marilyn ruffled hers, what a great idea.
models, in yarns you know,
   and love for different reasons

galway cardigan #1975
   K/P textures, garter trim, easy fit
     sized 36"-52"

encore cabled vest 2094
   two row cable/rib pattern stitch
    which will hug the body and show
     off the broad garter collar.

    these pictures are not intentionally
   fuzzy, please come in, feel and see the
   real thing!
We love Sausalito, colorful ply-ed fingering
(and sock = 80 merino 20 nylon)
yarn from Crystal Palace.  Lots of shawls coming out in fingering these days.  This one from an online pattern in Sausalito Rainbow Trout.  It is stunningly soft, subtle, well defined, simple and grand all at the same time.
Picture is intended to show how Sausalito stripes in short and long repeats - camera color is off, hope you get the idea.
Kid and Baby patterns from Pure and Simple are just that!       
Designs also available for kid sizes 2-12
... and "between" sizes can be achieved
depending on the gauge
    at which YOU knit your yarn!! 
KPS #982 4.5sts/in note to self:  you can always make top down sweater sleeves
the right  length,  and can be lengthened as children grow.
Sweater Wizard basic plan, OR
you can just draw it out on paper if you
Let's see, 38"@4.5sts/in - I will need about 172sts (+4 for seams =176),
that's 88 each back and front (may have to be adjusted for rib pattern). 
If I want it to taper I'll have to start out with fewer and do a couple increases
along each side on the way to the armhole. 
  To decide how big a bind-off
for the armhole I measure one that fits well, bind off the number of inches
(because I know my gauge) then decrease every other row X-times for the
curve.  Work straight up to the shoulder - it's a boat neck - no shaping! 
Trim neck & armholes.  That's the idea, but you have to have the numbers: 
your stitches per inch and inches of garment to fit YOU.
what next?
top-downs are so much fun because after you find your yarn, do your gauge,
and find the pattern that fits your gauge, you can start designing your not so

plain sweater
(not to mention the not having to sew it together aspect).
for example, plan a different stitch pattern for the sleeves, add other yarns in the
body and remember to think about your neck trim or collar when you begin.

The base yarn in this top-down is Creative Linen (50/50 linen & cotton 5sts/in), and from
the cast on row to joining into round at the bottom of neck opening only took 1 ball!
The sleeves were bound off 7 rounds after joining in round and so become capped sleeves for a perfect summer length. 
Once it was joined in the round I was glad to know it was going to fit and was free to start 
cookin' up stitch patterns and yarn combinations to make it really fun. 
This is  a very comfortable summer weight, and Creative Focus Linen is easy to work with (not as stiff as
100% linen,
and not as heavy as 100% cotton), though it is best worked with slippery needles. 
We have CF Linen in 6 colors plus natural, and lots of other cotton/cotton blend and silk summer yarns for you to try.
summer sweaters are great.  not so much yarn and lots of ideas!
okey-dokey,  got'er done. 
fits, fun, feels great  and nothing like the so-called plan.   3 HANKS CREATIVE FOCUS LINEN

50 yards each of Nova (tan) and Bamboo Silk (white), 10 yards of Sari (for ties), and 25 yards of the cream . 
Now that I can wear it without a long sleeved t-shirt, it's PERFECT for June!

on to the next top down capped-sleeve   -
Nicky Epstein designed and donated the pattern for
this lovely and unusual chemo hat with one ball of
Berroco Comfort worsted.  Pick up a complimentary
pattern with a ball of Comfort and you may donate
your hat to Gilda's Club of Minneapolis at
depth of field yarn.
Oceanside organic dk cotton, grown in colors - natural, sage, sand and darker sand. 

beautiful hand, lovely to knit with.
this Tee was an experiment in fairisle.

I recommend less colorwork (maybe just
one band of cotton bolls - though it looks
fine, I lost the light weight advantage of the
dk weight by carrying 2 strands)

in creative focus mohair and eros glitz.  it's just plain (& simple) fun!
back at it -
remade the cowboy mohair
(thus named for the fringed collar)

basic pattern is Pure & Simple top down weekend cardigan.


 Our shop model
directions are available in a
do-it-yourself format to make any size.
Sleeves are square set-ins, picked up and
knit down. 
Measuring the row gauge you already
made knitting the body you can easily
calculate the decreases for long or short
sleeves (we'll help if you need it).
working Happy Feet DK baby cardigan,
now, having sewn the shoulders
together, attatched and sewn together
the right sleeve and right side seams,
picking up and knitting (down) the left
sleeve.  next installment:  picking up and
knitting hem, then button bands.
another day ... this is Lanaloft worsted handpaint.  finally figured how close the
opening at the front neck (that's where I get cold), and used YO increases on the
back to see how it looked - this took more than 100gms, so I will also get a
headband out of the deal!